LAN File Explorer for BlackBerry PlayBook ®

LAN File Explorer is a client of FileHub for BlackBerry PlayBook and can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World. It requires FileHub to be installed and running on your Windows PC or Mac. LAN File Explorer provides you acccess to files shared on your Local Area Network(LAN). It's also able to access external storage and mapped network drives.It's convenient and user-friendly. LAN File Explorer is a complete solution for home entertainment and is a must-have application for your PlayBook.

  • Browse folders/files;
  • Upload multiple files from your PlayBook to Windows PC or Mac simultaneously (only available in version 2.0 and over)
  • Instantly watch movies/videos(streaming) without download. It has a build-in video player and can play in fullscreen mode.
  • Listen music(streaming) instantly. Create playlist on-the-fly and supported Shuffle, Repeat, etc fuctions (only available in version 2.5 and over)
  • View photos. It has Build-in picture viewer and allow swipe to switch photos;
  • Read various types of text files including source code, scripts, etc;
  • Able to Download any types of files to your PlayBook.

How to Use

  • After you install LAN File Explorer, the icon will appear on the Home screen of your PLayBook. Tap the icon to start LAN File Explorer;
  • If it's the first time you start the app, it will show the introduction screen to remind you to install and start FileHub on your local computer. Tap "Continue" button to go to login screen;
  • On the login screen, it ask you to enter FileHub IP address, port and password. All the three values can be found on FileHub UI. If you don't set a password in FileHub, just leave it blank here but I do recommand you to set one for security reason.
    When you try to login and get an error, please check if :
    • your PlayBook loses WiFi connection;
    • IP address and port you entered are same as those on FileHub;
    • Your FileHub is started
  • After it connects to FileHub, it will show the File Explorer screen. There are 3 buttons on the top of the screen:
    • Back button: bring you back to the uppper level folder;
    • Home button: return to the toppest(root) folder
    • Upload button: open the popup for upload files from PlayBook to PC/Mac
    • Logout button: ir will go to the Login screen
  • LAN File Explorer has different behaviors according to file type when you select a file. You are able to download any types of files to your PlayBook:
    • Video: able to play in a pop-up video player or in web broswer. It supports all types of PlayBook-compatiable videos and can play in fullscreen mode.
    • Audio: play on the File Explorer screen
    • Picture: able to view pictures in popup window and can swipe to switch pictures. You can view a picture in web browser.
    • Text: you can read source code, scripts and other known types of text files
    • unknown and unsuppoted files can only be downloaded to PlayBook
  • Play music( available in version 2.5 and over )
    • When you select any supported audio file, LFE will create a playlist for the current folder and popup the music player
    • Tap the left or right area of the player background will bring up a dialog to ask you if you want to stop playing and close the play. Select "Yes" to close.
  • Upload Files from PlayBook to PC/Mac( available in version 2.0 and over )
    • Tap the Upload button on the top bar to bring up the uploading UI:
    • The uploaded files are stored at:
      • Windows 7: C:\Users\"user"\Documents\FileHub
      • Windows XP: "My Documents"/FileHub
      • Mac: /Users/"user"/Documents/FileHub
  • Thanks and Enjoy!